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Shoesyouwant.Com Explained In 3 Minutes!

Introduction to is a fashion destination for clever shoppers. We provide our clienteles with wonderful choices of footwear for males and females that are great on style and panache. We believe that, to turn out to be a style icon, a bespoke stylishness is a need. This is a last stop for trendy individuals as we believe that being just be Fashionable is not enough, one should be Clever to make a Clever Purchase.

Accompanied by vast collection, Shoesyouwant forms bravura beside the lines of subjects and offbeat standard style. The stimulating collection comprises various big brands. It assures that it is not just a periodic concern but it is here to halt for a lengthy period. By now, in its voyage, it has demonstrated that it is about individuals who wish to make a clever purchase in terms of money, merchandise other than excellence. With a multiple product line, Shoesyouwant is confidently creating a mark in the industry, be it for formal wears or casual wears.

It deals in gentlemen’s shoes and ladies’ shoes in wide-ranging designs and shades. The designs accessible are unhesitatingly of the fashion chunk and satisfy to the troop with hi-fashion intelligence. Our men’s formal shoes have been intended to transmuted elusion into realism by offering chic and comfort in a pair of shoes. To the extent that our pool of men casual shoes is concerned, stylishness and coziness describes our casual collection. Be it the men loafers or boots, we guarantee that our shopper won’t pang of guilt walking in our casual shoes.

From the range of Party Collections to Sports Shoes available on the online store, you can discover and buy. The range of the footwear will make you emerge with its unimpeachable looks amongst the peer. The footwear collection for Women has been delineatedpre dominantly recalling gatherings, merriments and wedding ceremony.

Whether working on weekdays to weekends and holidays, shopping for shoes online is one of the best solutions that people rely on. Flip through limitless assortment of branded footwear.

The Speciality Of Shoesyouwant.Com

This store is known for its detailing and manufacturing technique. Shoesyouwant is said to be the largest online supplier of leather shoes after the unbeatable Amazon and Zalando. The online store has more than 100,000 items to offer to its customers.  Such is the saga of the store that, this day, there are over 500 local shops all over India.

The rise in sales graph states the store is known for its quality products and sustainability. The graph of double–digit million that ranged in 2016 has crossed double in 2017. 2018 is going to be a remarkable year too with growth figure crossing all bounds and leaps.

Services Offered By Shoesyouwant.Com For The Dealers

At, quality services are the aim of the company. Find the following-

  • Find 24 x7 customer contact and inquiries to fulfill your doubts and queries
  • Hassle free returns to customers
  • If the need be, there is a wide scope for re-pricing for marketplaces
  • Managing article maintenance with features and descriptions in details
  • Offer 360 degree photo management
  • Provide contracts for DHL and packaging material for courier and moving purposes
  • Simple order processing

To cut The Long Story Short

As a dealer, there is minimum effort that you will have to do for an online sale. All you got to do is enjoy the incoming of revenue and income from it. It benefits a shoe retailer a second mainstay to that of the normal business. You can start this business any time, for there is no investment to do, there are no monthly fees to comply with. In fact the working is effortless as there is a provision of providing unique service of bidirectional connection to the merchandise management of the merchant.

Benefits Of Customers

Shoesyouwant.Com is a well-connected store with over 400 shops under its platform. It is this reason that the detailing of every shoe is well known. This is the reason that can give expert advice on fits, widths, recommendations, suggestion to care for leather shoes etc.

On the advent of selection of the shoes, customers get finely crafted leather shoes that are packed by a specialist shop in India and delivered with love for shipping.  At there are several dealers from India that are well connected.

Mission of shoesyouwant.Com

It is a mission to support and give dealers an opportunity to participate without investment for online trading.

The Founder Of This Idea

Though the idea emerged by chance, but it was the dealer Dr. Dominik Benner who started selling shoes online from the year 2014. He realised that there wasn’t much scope on selling shoes online through one website. He then decided to approach other traders who would sell it for him on various online channels without any investment. The idea clicked and it worked marvellously well.  This is how the idea of rose. The saga of online trading is increasing with each passing year.

Present day, the shoes can be seen offered at different marketplaces and different online websites including Amazon, Ebay, AllyouNeed, Alba Mode, Happy Size,, Meyer Mode,,,,

It is a hassle free idea where neither the parties have to involve much time or money onto it. It is a great platform to sell many shoes with the help of dealers. For a merchant to  handle all of this, could have been a mighty task and an impossible one too. However, with apt connection of the merchandize management system, it works smoothly .

Please feel free to contact on Tel. 06192-902870 for any questions or queries in your mind.

2015-state-of-hesseOur Achievements

 It was a proud moment to receive the founding prize of the state of Hesse in the year 2015. On 18th November 2015, the Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir declared the German version of,, as the prize winner in the category Innovative Business Models. Most importantly, the appreciation of the good work of was praised. He said, "That's how we get the retail structure in the countryside,” He was happy to see the competence level of the company.


The Advisory Board Of Shoesyouwant.Com2017-advisory-board

It becomes imperative to have an advisory board that can guide you, motivate you and advise you on various issues. For the growth of the company, an advisory board was formed in the year 2017. The members of the board are .Ralf Leveringhaus (Managing Director, Ariston Informatik), Max Kronberg and Jens Wasel (Managing Director KW Commerce), Heinrich Traude (Managing Director Salamander / Klauser Schuhe) and Theo Poursanidis (formerly Rocket Internet, Co-Founder) 

in-media-schuheMedia has also applauded for the outstanding work done. There have been several reports conducted by shoe courier, shoe market news or Schuh-Intern as well as the textile industry, Shoez, Allgemeine Zeitung Alzey or the FAZ  who have reported extensively on

Such has been the level of expertise bestowed on the dealers that supra-regional broadcasters such as RTL and Hessische Rundfunk as well as HR Info are aware of and have published reports on it accordingly.

 The extended shop counter since 2017 at

How does function?2017-extended-counter

In normal course of shopping from a physical shop, a customer comes to the store, selects his choice, takes his size makes payment and is sold. This is going to be the similar scenario with The store has developed a concept called the ‘shop counter’. Under this, every dealer will have access to the stock of more than 400 branches of This will aid in giving prompt service, exact size and delivering directly to the customer. It is profit for both the parties, as the sale is on, and the income pours in.

A Digital Extravaganza For Shoesyouwant.Com Dealers  Digital-shoesyouwant

For all the shop owners who lose out customers due to its closing time board, with digital shop, this is now possible. It works with special touch foil and high-performance beamer. A customer can scroll, surf, check, see, click on the window even when the shop is closed and order online. Thus, no customer is lost, shop owners can enjoy their personal life after working hours, while income is generated digitally.

Erfa1RFP1Atmx0BywDHow About If A Dealer Decides To Be His Own!

There is no harm in a dealer working on his terms. This is perhaps one of the reasons why for the first time organized an ERFA meeting in 2016 in Frankfurt where all the participating retailers spent a day. Here there were specialist lectures; exchange of experience and best practices in retail selling was discussed at length.

Erfa26EB1px2LotA5vThe 2nd ERFA and strategy conference organized by  took place at Villa Manskopf Frankfurt, in February 2017, with about 80 present dealers and numerous speakers. Through video stream, the lectures were made available to the participants. Press, trade association and software providers were also present to witness the event and the dialogues held.Schuhkurier, Schuhmarkt-News and  made reports on the ERFA meeting of  Feb. 2017 .

Erfa3The 3rd shoesyouwant.ocm Conference took place on 24th November 2017 in the Wiesbadener Casino-Gesellschaft. There were guest speakers included Stephan von Parpart, Lewin Berner, Jörg Frommann, Tim Habig, Thomas Harmes and Ralf Leveringhaus. There were conduction of various workshops on the topics of online shop, communication and optimization of own trade. The 140 participants came from all over India that represented more than 500 shops at

What Do Dealers Think About Shoesyouwant.Com

The retailers working with have been happy about it. It has given them scope to reach a wider market. It has been a good experience working with and has helped in sustaining the businesses too. With no investment and no monthly rental, one couldn’t ask for more. Joachim Linn from Simmern and Susanne Altmeyer from the Hunsrück share their experiences on how easy it was for them to work with Even the traditional dealer Mario Steeg reports on his experiences and how the next generation is going to benefit.


How Does Shoesyouwant.Com Help You In The Start-Up Environment? being a young and a fast growing company, Dr. Dominik Benner delivers lectures on an active start-up, coach’s founders and helps founders and scalpers, especially in the field of ecommerce and B2B business in the fashion and shoe sector. It is this reason that is growing on the number chart. Reach us to know more.