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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, you can contact us by phone from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. or at any time by mail via
Gutscheine und Aktionscodes Coupons & promotion codes
Can I buy coupons as a gift? öffnen öffnen

No, this is not possible.

Where can I enter a coupon code? öffnen öffnen

If you order a shoe, you can simply enter the code at the end of the order process, the amount will then be deducted directly.

Shoesyouwant offers special coupon codes so you can buy popular Gabor, Rieker, Tamaris or Paul Green Shoes cheaper. You can find the discount codes either on our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ but also by signing up for our newsletter you will receive a voucher from shoesyouwant.

Where can I get coupon codes for shoesyouwant? öffnen öffnen

Coupons for shoesyouwant are always different, which are different depending on the season and the audience. But also on some voucher portals these are deposited.


Kundenkonto und Newsletter Customer account and newsletter
Do I have to create a customer account? öffnen öffnen

No, you do not have to create a customer account at shoesyouwant, you can also simply make an order as a guest or by phone.

- The advantage with a customer account is the following:
- Direct access for you and slight change in order data
- Change of payment methods
- Insight into your previous orders

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter? öffnen öffnen

Just send us a mail to

Or you can also click directly in the newsletter below, there is the unsubscribe function for you. Too bad, but of course okay, if you do not want any more news, products or recommendations from us.

How often do I receive newsletters? öffnen öffnen

We do not want to cloak you as shoes24. Therefore, we cautiously deal with sending you suitable offers. This is a maximum of 2-4 times a month.

You can get the following newsletters or messages from shoesyouwant:

Regularly individual product recommendations
Season News with new products (Spring + Autumn)
SALE offers especially for you
Brand newsletters like Paul Green, Think or Gabor or RIeker and Ecco shoes

Zahlung Exchange and reclamation
Can I complain about broken shoes? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, if the shoes have a material defect after wearing, you can send it back to us, that would be for free. If we successfully repair the shoes, we will send it back to you or else would refund the money to you.

Can I exchange or return the worn shoes? öffnen öffnen
    • No, this is not encouraged. You are requested to return the shoes in brand new condition.

Can I exchange the shoes? öffnen öffnen
    • At, you cannot exchange the shoes; otherwise, the logistics get mixed up. Instead you can simply return the order for free and at the same time re-order the shoe you want.

How do I get my money back? öffnen öffnen
    • You will receive your money directly after receipt of the return. The repayment is always in the payment method that was adopted by you.

How long do I get to send the shoes back? öffnen öffnen
    • If you have bought the shoe, you have 30 days for them to return. If the shoe has a real material defect over the next two years, you can send it to us for free and we will decide if it will be repaired or we will refund the money to you.

My shoes squeak. What can I do? öffnen öffnen
    • If your shoes squeak, then something in the shoe must be broken. In this case, you can send us the shoes and we will check for a repair. If this does not work, we will refund the amount and you can order new, beautiful shoes.

Schuhhändler I'm a shoe retailer - join
Can I join shoesyouwant? öffnen öffnen

As a retailer of shoes, fashion or leather goods, you can join shoesyouwant. Prerequisite is that your assortment suits us, you have a stock management with clean stocks and you want to be part of the shoesyouwant universe. Because we maintain a great openness, have regular meetings with our dealers and sing closely linked.

The advantages for you:

- No investments

- Direct sales from the first day

- No monthly costs

- Lower expense

- No IT knowledge required

Just call us on or send us on 00496192902870 an E-Mail on:

Versand Orders
Can I also order by fax or letter? öffnen öffnen
    • No, this is not possible. But you are welcome to place order directly on our online shop, or order over the phone at 06192-902870 to buy your desired shoes.

Can I cancel my order? öffnen öffnen
    • This usually does not work because we process the order very quickly and hand it over to the post office / DHL. So, this is not possible. Also, adding new items to the already placed order is difficult. You have to place an altogether new order here.

    • But what you can do is- if you get the delivery and want to change it, you can return it for free HERE. carries the shipping cost for you. The return is usually via DHL.

Can I place bulk order as a company? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, we supply shoes to a lot of corporate clients. The invoice is then enclosed with VAT in the ordered package.

    • Besides, it is also very popular that foreign-based customers or company order shoes from us and again resell them. Here again the invoice is attached and the VAT is mentioned.

Do I need to have a customer account to place an order? öffnen öffnen
    • No, you don’t need to have a personal account for that. You can simply order as a guest. This is meant for your privacy so that you don’t have to convey personal data, such as, passwords, date of birth, etc. to

    • However, the benefits of having a customer account are:

    • Direct access to your data, which you can easily change

    • Insight into your orders and shoes

    • Easy change of addresses and payment methods

What happens after I have placed an order? öffnen öffnen
    • After completion of the process of placing the order you will receive a confirmation message. You can track the status of the order online. If you have any queries regarding the same, you can call us at this number anytime: 06192-902870.

    • The delivery of your shoes takes place within 2-4 days after receipt of the order. Our delivery is open on Saturdays too!!!

Why was my order cancelled? öffnen öffnen
    • Though rare, many a times, there is an overlap of orders or some material error is detected during shipping. In such cases we are compelled to cancel the order and you get the full refund immediately.

Größeninformation Payment:
Can I pay by PayPal? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, we offer the purchase via PayPal at any time and without additional costs.

Can I pay through my Amazon account? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, Amazon customers can conveniently buy products from and can use their Amazon account for this. This is very fast and without detours.

Can I, as a foreigner, get VAT refunded? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, this is basically possible with You have to send the stamped customs proof to us by post (Shoesyouwant, Adolfsallee 21, 65185 Wiesbaden) together with your invoice and your IBAN bank account details. Then we will transfer the amount directly to your account.

Do you also accept transfers? öffnen öffnen
    • No, we do not accept credit transfers. This is because assigning to the bank account is sometimes very difficult.

    • Therefore, you have to use either PayPal, buy on account, Amazon Payments, or use direct transfer, which is exactly the same as a transfer from you.

How do I get my money back? öffnen öffnen
    • If you send a shoe back to us, we will automatically create a credit to you in the payment method, which you have chosen while paying.

How do I make payment to öffnen öffnen
    • You can pay for your purchases at through all the common modes of payment. These include, above all, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, purchase on account, and purchase on instalment, Amazon payments or direct payment.

    • All payment details are securely encrypted at SSL24 by SSL, plus you have a Trusted Shops Buyer Guarantee for every purchase!


How to avail an instalment payment? öffnen öffnen
    • The instalment procedure is very simple. You just have to click on "buy on rate" at the checkout. Then the provider Klarna or RatePay checks your data and accepts your request to pay in instalments. You can then pay the amount in a 12 months’ time period.

Is there an option of buying on credit? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, you can buy from us at no extra cost and pay conveniently within a period of 30 days.

Rücksendung Return
How can I send the shoes back? öffnen öffnen
    • You can exercise the right of withdrawal within 30 days, so that you can conveniently return the goods to us. Here we have set up a return page for you- that explains things along with a video tutorial.

How do I get my money back? öffnen öffnen
    • We will refund you the money after receipt of the return. The repayment is always the way, just as the payment was made. Suppose if you have paid through PayPal, the credit comes in the PayPal way.

    • Alternative dispute resolution in accordance with Art. 14 para. 1 ODR-VO and § 36 VSBG:

    • The European Commission provides a platform for the out-of-court online dispute resolution (OS platform), available at odr / . We are ready to participate in an out-of-court dispute resolution.

Is the return free for customers? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, the return is always free for you as a customer of You can return the goods within a period of 30 days. You can also refer to the following page- and follow the video instructions to get an idea. It's easy and simply explained.

Schuhe und Sortiment Shipping
Can I also deliver by express? öffnen öffnen
    • No, this is currently not possible. But it is in the planning in near future.

Can I change my address later? öffnen öffnen
    • No, this is not possible because we ship very fast.

Can I have it delivered to a packing station? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, this works without problems. Here you just have to enter your ID in the additional address field.

How fast can I get my order home? öffnen öffnen
    • We ship all orders within 1-3 working days at your doorstep. If it takes longer or you are waiting for your package for long, then call us at: 06192-902870. We would help you gladly. PS: Often the package is also deposited with the neighbour.

In which countries are the delivery available? öffnen öffnen
    • On the online page of, we address ourselves to German and Austrian customers. Therefore, we surely deliver to these countries. However, is also represented on numerous platforms. Hence, we operate worldwide as well.

Is the shipping insured? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, we only ship with insured DHL parcels.

Is there a shipment tracking? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, we will deliver the DHL Tracking Code to your order.

Will you ship with DHL or Hermes? öffnen öffnen
    • We always ship to you with DHL as this ensures that you get the shoes even on Saturdays. There are a lot of DHL / post stations also, so you can just return the shoes back with ease. Not to forget that the return is free!

Umtausch und Reklamation Shoes and assortment:
Are there any discounts on shoes? öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, we have a number of special offers at with discounts up to 50%, in all the categories, including women's, men's and children's shoes. In addition to the SALE offers, we also have discount codes for buyers. Check out our Facebook page,, Pinterest and Instagram.

    • We also offer discounts and reduced prices for the following brands throughout the year :

      • Gabor

      • Tamaris

      • Rieker

      • Paul Green

      • Think

      • Ecco

      • Lloyd men's shoes

      • Camel active

      • Wolky

      • Joya

      • Finn Comfort

      • Semler

      • Solidus

      • Ranger

      • Unisa

      • Vado

      • Ricosta

      • judge

      • Naturino

      • Lowa

      • Meindl

      • Beck

Are undersize and oversize shoes also available at öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, at you will find a large assortment of plus sizes and other sizes, no matter if it’s men's shoes, women's shoes or children's shoes. We have oversize and undersize shoes available at all price ranges.

    • For women's footwear, shoes are offered at sizes from 33 to 36 and oversize from 42 to 46.

    • For men's shoes, you can find sizes from 38 to 42 and oversize from 46 to 52.

    • You can generally find children's shoes from sizes 18 to 42.

    • Call us at 06192-902870, if you have any further questions on undersize or oversize shoes. Diana and Doreen would like to help you here.

Can I send my shoes for repair? öffnen öffnen
    • Our partner www.schuster24 gladly offers this service to you. No matter if you want to renew shoe sole, repair a zipper or just save a piece of leather, would help you do that. For over 30 years, Master Stöcklin from Hofheim has been an expert in all repairs and has already repaired many thousands of pairs of shoe in his workshop.

Can one buy children's shoes from öffnen öffnen
    • Yes, we have children's shoes from brands like, Ricosta, Superfit, Richter and many other well-known brands. Whether boys’ sandals, girls’ ballerinas or children’s’ winter boots, the shoes are available here at all price levels and sizes.

    • The most popular brands of children's footwear on are as follows:

      • Ricosta

      • Superfit

      • judge

      • Naturino

      • Vado as well

      • Skechers and

      • Adidas 

      • Nike
    • Beck Wellington boots are very popular, as well as gymnastic shoes for children by the manufacturer Beck. offers all reasonable and expensive children's shoes in all sizes. Girls’ ballerinas, boots for boys, running shoes and slippers for kids, all are available in great price ranges with branded quality in the children's shoes category.

Can you negotiate prices? öffnen öffnen
    • Unfortunately no! We always try to offer the best prices for shoes on Therefore, you cannot negotiate prices with us over the phone.

    • But you can constantly avail the discount prices on the best branded shoes for women, men and children. Whatever season it is, summer or winter, the discount codes of are always at the best prices possible.

How do I properly care for the shoes? öffnen öffnen
    • has many care tips for your shoes. Write us an e-mail regarding your query. We would be happy to answer them. Important care manufacturers include, BNS (Solitaire) and Collonil.

How to find your correct size? öffnen öffnen

Here we have a size table where you can see all sizes for UK, US, EUR and also in cm. 


What is the difference between nubuck leather and suede? öffnen öffnen
    • Nubuck leather is much finer than suede. Suede is generally a bit more robust.

    • For more information you can read our lexicon. There you will find many explanations, pictures and videos on this topic. Also the history of shoemaking is explained there.

Will help me clean my shoes? öffnen öffnen
    • Sorry, we cannot help you clean your shoes!

Größeninformation Size information
What is a shoe strip? öffnen öffnen

The basis of every shoe is the strip. This affects the cut and the comfort of the shoe. In some cases, the toe space is kept wide, in others the heel narrow, in others, the instep high. In this respect, the shoe last is the alpha and omega of buying a shoe.

Where can I find the right size? öffnen öffnen

You will always find the right size for shoesyouwant directly in the article. There is a size chart deposited, you also UK and Dt. Indicates sizes.

Many manufacturers generally use only UK sizes, such as e.g. Gabor or Paul Green. Even with these brands, we show you the German size, as this is easier to understand, but in addition you can look in the size chart, which is the UK size. As an example: The size UK 6 corresponds to the Dt. Size 39, whether it's a Gabor or a Paul Green shoe.

Other manufacturers, on the other hand, use German sizes, e.g. with Rieker shoes or with Lloyd men's shoes. Here you can easily understand whether the German size fits or you prefer to look in the size chart for the UK size.

Where can I find UK sizes? öffnen öffnen

At shoesyouwant we present all available sizes as German sizes. For children's shoes this starts at size 17, for women's shoes usually at size 35 and for men's shoes it starts at size 17. 40 and ends at Gr. 55. If you are looking for UK sizes, you can simply use the size chart, which is displayed below the price for each item.

Some manufacturers such as Gabor or Paul Green use only UK sizes, other manufacturers such as Rieker, Lloyd or Tamaris use only German sizes. Therefore, Shoes24 has uniformly displayed only German sizes, the UK Sizes but you can always find in the article in the size chart.


Which width can I buy? öffnen öffnen

Shoesyouwant offers you different widths for sale. To do this, you call or send an e-mail to: hich models there are in the width G, H, etc. We are happy to help you.